Surrogacy Process Explained

If you’ve been through a few rounds of ivf or aren’t able to fall pregnant yourself, there is hope. Hope comes in the form of a Surrogate – surrogacy meaning is when someone will carry your baby for you and become a surrogate mother i.e. a baby oven or incubator

There are typically 4 parties involved, namely:

  1. Surrogate: this could be a family member or a friend who offers to carry a baby for you. If you don’t have a surrogate, there are agencies who can find you the perfect carrier.
  2. Lawyer: The surrogacy legal process is involved. Your agency can advise on a lawyer to handle this case or you could find your own but do make sure that they have done surrogacy cases before as there’s a lot involved that is specific to the Child Act etc. This lawyer will need all the below in order to take this to the High Court to be approved. Only once the High Court has granted permission, can you start the actual fertility process.
  3. You and your partner
  4. Egg Donor: this is only if you are not able to use your own eggs

Steps involved include the following (this may vary slightly):

Contract: your lawyer will draft this contract and will require the below in order to compile for the High Court.

Surrogate: Your surrogate will need the following and it will be your responsibility to pay for this:

  • A psychological assessment
  • Gynaecological assessment
  • Their partner (if applicable) will also need a psychological assessment as well as formal consent for their partner (the surrogate) to enter into this agreement
  • Medical Aid
  • Life and disability cover

You and your partner

  • A psychological assessment
  • Fertility specialist report to motivate for surrogacy solution
  • Affidavit’s to show South African residency

Egg Donor: You will need an egg donor if you are unable to use your eggs and you’ll need their

  • A psychological assessment
  • Gynaecological assessment

All of this goes to your lawyer and they lodge this at the High Court. Once approved, it’s all systems go to start the process!

Feel welcome to send me an email ( or Facebook message ( should you have any further questions.

Good luck! And remember, you are not alone!

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