#IVF: 6 Top practical tips

Here are some real and practical tips to help you. Its great to learn them all upfront and not have to learn along the way. May you benefit from these practical tips.

  1. Thin Needles – needles for injections come in various sizes so try and get the thinnest one you can. Your local chemist should stock these
  2. Skin numbing gel – get this from a chemist to help the injections not be so sore. Ice can also numb the area that you will be injecting
  3. You are not being punished. The Universe/ God or wherever else you put your faith, are not punishing you. This is simply nature
  4. Avoid home pregnancy tests – don’t do an off-the shelf pregnancy test during your 10 day waiting period following insemination. Its too early to pick up if you are pregnant. The blood tests are to be trusted
  5. Set a reminder on your phone when you need to take your tablets or injections daily
  6. Stay clean with no caffeine, alcohol nor nicotine to give your little one the best chance to take

Feel welcome to send me an email (cathy@ivfsupport.co.za) or Facebook message (https://www.facebook.com/IVFSupportSA/) should you have any further questions.

and remember… you are not alone!

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