#IVF: What to expect at Egg Implant

Your Implant experience can vary, depending on which route you choose – the Private or Government route.

It comes down to the same procedure except that with Private, you get an anaesthetist and you sleep through the process, while if you go the government route, its much cheaper and they use conscious sedation. You are awake but don’t feel anything.

The night before embryo transfer, make sure you get an early nights’ rest and don’t eat anything too heavy that could effect your sleeping. You can have implantation after day 3 but with implantation after ivf day 5 transfer allows the cells to become a plastocyst where pregnancy results are greater.

The process involves your fertility specialist, an embryologist and a nurse to assist.

The Assistant will probably be using the jelly and sonar over your tummy area, in order to find your womb, for the fertility specialist to see it on the sonar screen.

As with a pelvic exam, the fertility specialist will use a speculum to gently open your vagina, in order to see your cervix. When the specialist is happy and ready to proceed, he will work with the embryologist, to get your eggs from the dish. Using a long thin pipe (catheter), they will transfer the embryo into our womb.

You can then lie there for a few minutes if you like, although they maintain that you can get up straight after the procedure has taken place.

If you are doing the government IVF and you are awake, it is not painful, just uncomfortable.

Your partner is allowed in with you and can talk to you and hold your hand. It’s much easier to look into their eyes than watch the transfer being done. I always ask my husband to talk about my little niece when I’m lying there, as I love her and find that she helps me to not think about what’s going on. Think about what you’d like your partner to talk to you about and if necessary, just watch their mouth. It’s a great distraction when you need to lie very still.

The procedure lasts about 15 minutes, so it’s nice and quick.

The after embryo transfer precautions include: no hot baths, no intercourse but rather making sure that you have healthy food to eat after embryo transfer in ivf and rest.

Feel welcome to send me an email (cathy@ivfsupport.co.za) or Facebook message (https://www.facebook.com/IVFSupportSA/) should you have any further questions.

All the best and remember,

You are not alone.

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