#IVF: Waiting for Pregnancy Blood Test

You’ve just had implant and it went well. Now for the next hurdle. The wait for the 10 day blood test. This is a very scary and nerve wrecking time. The great paradox…distract and relax.

People think you must be very excited. You may well be but if you’ve done it more than a few times, it can get scarier each time as you wait for your pregnancy test results.

All you can do is just breathe, distract yourself, and don’t take anything too seriously or personally. A biggie is to try and not snap off someone’s head because this can happen in a split second. You could end up paying a price for what you might have said. It will only leave you feeling terrible and apologising for a long time afterwards.

When looking for pregnancy test results, a pregnancy test kit such as a clearblue pregnancy test is not advisable. If you want to know how to confirm pregnancy, you need a pregnancy blood test to be done after 10 days of implant.

I always try and remove myself from people and do things in this time that help me relax and re-centre myself. I enjoy reading, going for walks and do this more than usual in my 10 day waiting period.

Keeping busy is important but it’s more important to rest so that you give your embryo the best chance possible. If you enjoy the kitchen, why not try out some new and healthy recipe’s.

Distracting yourself with anything that you can, is important as the wait can feel like agony. When people say, try not to think about it, they have no idea. It’s always in your head, whether you are aware of it, or not. I’d suggest you politely say ‘thank you’ and change the subject or simply go and talk to someone else

Just remember that this situation is just a ‘here and now’ one and it doesn’t matter what the results are, you will survive. Many women around the world are going through this or have been through this and you are not alone. If you need help just shout. Contact details are on the website.

I hope for only the best results for you.

Feel welcome to send me an email (cathy@ivfsupport.co.za) or Facebook message (https://www.facebook.com/IVFSupportSA/) should you have any further questions.

You are not alone.

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