#IVF: Surviving the Xmas cheer, yet still no baby

You really hoped that this year, your baby would be here by Xmas. And again, you’re getting closer to Xmas and it’s just the same. No baby. All the shops are busy, shop windows are being decorated, and people are rushing around buying presents. The only present you want this year, is the one that Father Xmas won’t be able to give to you. A baby.

You are here again and still without. Its heart wrenching when you see the cute baby gifts, little baby outfits. You see the Moms with the little ones, herding them into the cars, into queues and generally keeping them close. As if that’s not a daily knife in your heart, you now need to face a family Xmas where all the family and their little munchkins come together. You, of course need to be part of this and above all, part of the Xmas cheer and excitement.

How are you going to survive?

Your baby is coming. This mantra and other similar ones, will hold you up with crutches and support your weary, battered heart this festive season. Lean heavily on this mantra. Put it on permanent repeat in your head. Switch it on now. Go! “My baby is coming.” The crazy festive season is here so just breathe and know that yours is on its way! “My baby is coming”.

This is a joyous time. A time of festivities and a time of being with your loved ones. Take that part of Xmas, add your new mantra, and know that you will survive. It’s just another phase of your life and it too shall pass, so try and get what you can from it. Rather celebrate and cherish the loved ones that are with you now, and who may not be with you in the future.

Don’t look back on this year’s Xmas with regret. Your baby is on its way!

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Good luck! And remember, you are not alone!

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